5 Aerobic Septic System Advantages

If you are thinking about building a home, replacing your current septic system, or moving into a home with an aerobic septic system, you should know that there are definite aerobic septic system advantages. It is a common misconception that aerobic systems are more expensive and not worth the costs when compared to traditional, lateral systems. Below are 5 advantages that aerobic septic systems have over conventional systems.

  1. Require less space: Aerobic septic systems can be used on small lots because they don’t have to have a huge leach field. They can be used in confined spaces or even lots with trees.
  2. Cheaper repairs: With aerobic systems when something breaks down you are replacing parts and not entire fields. These repairs are usually done without any heavy equipment, so they are much cheaper.
  3. Irrigation for yard: The sprinkler system is great for keeping your yard lush.
  4. Cleaner: The effluent is treated in aerobic septic systems, so by the time it is sprayed it has undergone treatment processes very similar to that of city waste systems.
  5. Tells you when it has a problem: Aerobic systems have alarm lights and sounds, so if something is going wrong or not working properly you know before it is backing up into your house. With traditional systems you often don’t realize that something is wrong until you have a catastrophe.

Aerobic Septic System Advantages Bonus

If you are building a new home and want to put in an aerobic system you do not have to have a perc test. This alone will save you at least $250.

aerobic septic system advantages