Adding Chlorine Tablets or Liquid Bleach to an Aerobic Septic System

Chlorine is an essential component of any aerobic septic system.

It serves as a sterilizer for the effluent. There are two types of chlorine used in aerobic septic systems: chlorine tablets and liquid bleach.  No matter which type of chlorine your system requires, adding chlorine tablets should be a regular part of your aerobic system maintenance.

Adding Chlorine Tablets

  1. Locate the Chlorinator. This will be on top of the aerobic septic tank or just under a lid. The cap is generally white and 4inches in diameter.
  2. Remove the cap. Once you remove this you will be able to tell if you have a tablet or a liquid bleach system. A tablet system has a removable tube that is approximately 2 feet long with a slotted bottom. A liquid bleach system has a long tube that goes to the bottom of the septic tank and will have a small rubber hose about the size of a #2 pencil.
  3. Add your chlorine. – If you have a liquid bleach system you will fill until the bleach is just below the rubber hose. Anything added above the rubber hose will just run into the pump tank. If you are adding chlorine tablets you will add one tablet. If you add more than one tablet they can gum up and not dissolve.
  4. Replace the cap.
  5. Repeat on regular basis as needed. A good rule of thumb is whenever you take out your trash or mow your yard.

Don’t want to mess with this?

Regular maintenance, including adding chlorine, is part of our septic maintenance agreements. If you would like more information on these please see our septic system maintenance agreement page or give us a call at 918-381-2050.