Chlorine Tablets and Aerobic Septic Systems – Questions and Answers

We often get calls from aerobic septic system owners with questions about chlorine tablets. We have addressed the most frequently asked questions below.

What does chlorine do for my system?

We are often asked why do aerobic septic systems have to have chlorine? What does it do anyway? A simple answer is just another question. Why do you put chlorine in a pool? You put chlorine tablets in your septic system for the same reasons that you put chlorine in a pool – to disinfect the water and keep people from being exposed to potentially dangerous bacteria.

Chlorine tablets act as a disinfectant for the wastewater. If chlorine is not present in your system you will be spraying straight wastewater into your yard. This can expose you and your family, as well as neighbors, to dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These can cause Hepatitis, typhoid, cholera, tape worms, and many other illnesses. Chlorine tablets are specially formulated to kill 99% of bacteria within 10 minutes, making your wastewater safer for distribution.

What kind of chlorine should I use?

The type of chlorine depends on the system. Most systems take chlorine tablets, but a few take liquid bleach. Please check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your system. If you need help finding the manufacturer or type of system you own please give us a call and we can help.

No matter what, do NOT put pool chlorine into your system. Pool chlorine is a different type of acid that can react with septic gases and potentially cause an explosion.

Where do I purchase chlorine tablets?

Tablets can be found at local hardware stores in 10lb buckets. Make sure you get SEPTIC chlorine not pool chlorine.

Can I get someone to do this for me?

You sure can. We offer scheduled maintenance packages that can be found HERE. If you have additional questions about your septic system or a septic problem, email or call us at 918-381-2050.