ClearStream Aerobic Systems

If you have a ClearStream Aerobic Septic System and you glance into your yard you probably see two green lids, but did you know that there is actually another lid that is sometimes underground. It is important to know the components and basic operation of your system to make sure it functions and is maintained properly.

Components of ClearStream Aerobic Systems

Aerobic systems are made up of three chambers:

1. Trash Tank or Chamber
2. Aeration Chamber
3. Pump Chamber

Within each chamber is at least 1 baffle. Baffles are there to help prevent solids from moving from one chamber to the next.

Aerobic systems also have electrical components including, control panel, air pump, water pump, floats, and timers. We will not be directly dealing with these in this article, but you can find more information on these and other topics under our Blog Section.

Basic Operation of ClearStream Aerobic Systems

Trash Tank –

Your trash tank collects all the solids that come into the system. It holds all the wastes and trash like toilet paper and keeps these larger wastes from moving into the other components of your system. It is baffled at the inlet and the outlet. The inlet is baffled to prevent a scum layer from causing a backup. The outlet is baffled to prevent solids from entering the following chamber, however small particles will make their way into the aeration chamber.

Aeration Chamber –

This is so named because it has air pumped into it from the compressor outside the tank. The purpose of the air is to promote bacteria growth. This bacteria is what breaks down wastes. The air also keeps some of the small particles stirred up. Some of these small particles will eventually enter the pump tank.

Pump Tank –

Your pump tank is the final stop before cleaned wastewater is distributed by your sprinkler system. In the pump tank wastewater accumulates until it reaches a level that triggers the float which turns on the pump. The pump then sends the cleaned wastewater out. If the small particles that entered from the aeration chamber are allowed to build up they have two options, they either settle or stay suspended. Either way, when you have too many particles they can pass into the pump which becomes clogged and then burns out.

Why This Matters

This is important when you have your system pumped or cleaned. If you did not know that there are three chambers to your system, you might not get your full system cleaned or pumped. Make sure that all of the chambers are cleaned to the very best.

This cannot be done if the technician does not uncover each lid. The trash tank cannot be reached without exposing the third lid. By not having all three chambers pumped you increase your risk of having to have electrical components replaced. These are not cheap, and replacement is easy to avoid. Just know your system, and make sure that when you have it pumped the pumper gets all three chambers.


There are many different brands and types of aerobic septic systems, and it can be hard to know which type you have. If you have any questions, would like to know what your system is, or to schedule your system to be pumped please give us a call at 918-381-2050 and we will have an experienced technician help you.