How to Save $288 on Your Septic System

Would you like to know a little secret that will save you $288 or more on your septic system? Don’t add any additives. It is that simple. Your septic system does not need any fancy chemicals, yeast, or any other additive to speed up the breakdown process.

There are over 1200 products on the market today that claim to speed up your septic system, or restore the balance of bacteria. They are a waste of your money. Human waste has all the bacteria you need, is free, and does not cause the problems that these additives do. Oklahoma DEQ has links on their website outlining what to do for maintenance to your tank. Nowhere in these articles do they mention using additives. This is because they are not necessary. Other states such as Montana and Washington actually say DO NOT add these as you can read at the links below.



Want further Proof?

A name brand product that actually states this on their website…

Question: If I use [name of their product] will I still have to have my septic tank pumped?

Answer: Yes, the average recommended time between septic tank pumpings is 2-3 years, depending on the rate of sediment build-up, family size, and other factors. Used regularly, [name of their product] helps break down the solid waste in your septic tank. This MAY slow the accumulation of solid waste in the tank.

So, this name brand states that even if you use their product you still have to have your septic system pumped, and it MAY slow the accumulation of solid waste in tank.. so it also MAY NOT.

Furthermore, it has been found that using products such as these can send pieces of solids into your pipes causing clogs which could then cause a backup or potentially cause it to need to be replaced.

How can you save $288?

The $288 is the money you save that you would have spent on additive products. The above mentioned brand costs an average of $8/month. So using that number let’s do a little math.

$8/month x 12months/year= $96/year
$96/year x 3 years= $288 (the 3 years is the time between pumping)

Using this product you would spend $288 and still need to have your septic system pumped after the same amount of time. You would not have gained anything. So, do your bank account a favor and save the $288.

Septic Tank Pumping and More Information

Additives are unnecessary, but regular septic tank pumping is not. Having your septic tank pumped is one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to help keep your septic system in working order. If you would like to schedule your septic tank pumping please give Provision Aerobic & Septic a call at 918-381-2050.

For more information on what you need to be doing please see our article on Septic Tank Maintenance.

Note: Aerobic Septic Systems do need chlorine. Chlorine is considered a disinfectant, not an additive, and is used to make the effluent safe before spraying it onto the lawn.