Perc Test FAQs

What is a perc test?

A perc test, short for percolation test, is used to determine the rate the ground will take water. They are required to put in a septic drainfield.

Who needs a perc test?

Anyone who is putting in a subsurface system (system that releases effluent under the ground) such as a traditional, lateral field septic system, is required to have a perc test. If you elect to put in an aerobic sprinkler system you do not have to have a perc test.

Where can I find a perc tester?

Perc testers in Oklahoma can be found through the DEQ’s website. – Certified Soil Profilers

How much do they cost?

Perc test generally start at around $250. For exact pricing please use above link to find a soil profiler in your area.

Who can I call to find out if a perc test has been done on my property?

If you currently have a septic system on your property the DEQ may have the perc test and other information on file. To get this information you must call your local DEQ office. Many counties have their own DEQ offices, and you should call the office nearest you. To request information on your property, you will have to have your address. Some counties also require a request form to be filled, and may also ask for the legal description; township, section, and range. If your system was put in prior to 1999 the DEQ may or may not have it on file, but it never hurts to ask. The call is free.

If you have additional questions or would like recommendations on a perc tester in your area. Please give Provision a call at 918-381-2050. We would be happy to help you!