Sewer Lines

Sewer Connections

Sewer line connections involving connecting your sewer line to the main city sewer line. This can only be done by a licensed plumber. If you would like help with this please give us a call.

Sewer Line Cleanouts

Homeowners are responsible for their plumbing until it reaches the main city sewer line. This unfortunately means that you may experience a sewer line clog. We can promptly have someone out to help you remedy the situation.

Signs that you may have a clog:

  • Multiple fixtures are clogged- toilets and tubs are most likely to be affected
  • Water standing at your clean out
  • Weird things happening with your fixtures- Example, you flush the toilet and water backs up into your bathtub.
  • Odor

There are things you can do to lessen your likelihood of experiencing a clog. For more information check out our blog post on How To Prevent Sewer Line Clogs.

Sewer Line Installation

We are experts in sewer line installations. Whether you have built a new home, are switching over from a septic system, or need to replace old sewer lines, Provision Plumbing can help. Sewer line installation is a fairly straightforward process and can usually be completed in 1 to 2 days, once the necessary permits are obtained. If you have any questions or would like an estimate please call 918-381-2050.