Should You Have a Septic System Maintenance Agreement?

Keeping your system operating properly is essential and is achieved through regular septic system maintenance. This maintenance is similar to car maintenance in that you can either pay a little along the way or pay a lot when something breaks down.

On the Oklahoma DEQ website they state, Although it is not required, it is recommended that homeowners enter into a maintenance agreement with an authorized representative for routine checks and repairs.

3 Reasons why you should have a Septic System Maintenance Agreement

1. Expert Service: You don’t go to the post office to make sure that your health is in order, so why would you have someone who has never looked at a septic system trying to maintain it? When you have a septic maintenance agreement you are having an expert who is familiar with your system diagnose and adjust your system to make sure everything is in working order. Not only that, we also keep track of everything and give you a full report.

2. Prevent problems and costly repairs: Routinely cleaning filters alone prolongs the life of the air compressor and water pump. If this was not done and replacement was necessary that could run you up to $1000. This is just one example of how a maintenance agreement saves money in the long run and prevents problems.

3. Less hassle for you: When you enter into a maintenance agreement you are taking the burden of caring for a complex system out of your hands. You no longer will have to worry about when or how to clean filters, how to adjust your spray heads, or when you will have to the time to do it.

What Our Septic System Maintenance Agreement Includes

  • Complete System Serviced – We do the cleaning, adjusting, testing, and inspecting to make sure that all components of the system are working properly
  • Written Inspections – We give you a copy of our findings. This is also sometimes requested by realtors if you ever decide to sell your home.
  • Free Service Calls
  • 3 Site Visits Per Year
  • Discounted Parts and Labor
  • Plumbing and Pumping Discounts
  • Peace of Mind

Next Steps

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