Sprinkler Head Maintenance for Aerobic Septic Systems

If you have an Aerobic Septic System it is important that you learn how to clean your sprinkler system. These systems are common in the Tulsa and Owasso, Oklahoma areas and it is important to know what type of system you have installed.

Sprinkler heads are the distributors of your Aerobic Septic System. They apply the cleaned effluent to your lawn. Because your sprinkler heads are what rid your system of the cleaned water, it is important to keep them in proper working order.

There are two main problems that can occur with sprinkler heads:

1. They become clogged
2. They are broken (someone drives over one or hits it with the lawn mower)

Both of these problems can be easily solved with proper maintenance and simple preventative steps.

How to clean and maintain the Sprinkler Head Filters on your Aerobic Septic System

Every now and then a sprinkler head will become clogged and will not spray properly. This may be hard to notice because aerobic septic systems are usually set to spray at night.

If you notice that your spray is uneven or not the same pressure as usual, you may have a clogged sprinkler head. This is very easy to fix with the simple steps below.

  1. Check the outside of the sprinkler for any built up debris, if any is present carefully remove with wire or wipe. Also check to see if it appears broken.
  2. Unscrew the top of the sprinkler head, the housing will stay in place, but remove the inside cylinder.
  3. lip the cylinder over. On the bottom will be the filter.
  4. Spray out filter with water hose or air.
  5. Replace cylinder with filter inside sprinkler head.
  6. Screw the head back into place.
  7. Observe the sprinkler to make sure this fixed the problem.

If you are need more help with this, give us a call at Provision Aerobic & Septic at 918-381-2050 and we can walk you through it or come do it for you.