Why Have Your Septic Tank Pumped or Cleaned?

No one wants to spend money on sanitary wastes, but having your septic tank pumped or cleaned is one of the easiest ways to maintain your system and prevent costly repairs.

Just like it is cheaper to change your vehicle’s oil regularly than pay for a new engine, it is cheaper to pay for pumping than to have to pay for line replacement, or even whole system replacement. And, let’s face it, back ups are just a smelly mess that it is better to not have to worry about.

Oklahoma DEQ recommends having your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years or more often if there are more than four people in your home, or you have large water consumption. But why?

How Septic Tanks Work

Septic tanks are basically a holding area where solids are separated from wastewater. Wastewater is distributed from your septic tank through lateral lines if you have a regular system or sprayed if you have an aerobic septic system.

The solids left in the tank will break down about 50 percent further. The part that breaks down will liquefy and leave the tank, and the remainder will become either sludge or scum. Sludge is the waste that sinks to the bottom and scum is the waste that floats to the top. When you get too much sludge or scum, solids can be passed into your lines which can cause clogs and serious problems.

When your lines fail one of two things can happen. You will get a huge wet spot in your yard, or your tank will back up into your house. Either way, it is something that is best to avoid.

What to Expect When You Have Your Tank Pumped or Cleaned

The easiest way to avoid problems is proper maintenance. This involves knowing what you should not put into your system and routine pumping. Find out more about what not to put into your system by following our Septic System Tips. Below is what you can expect when you have your tank pumped or cleaned:

  • Tank location
  • Uncover lids
  • Pump all chambers
  • Spray corners to make sure all sludge is gone
  • Spray filters/baffles to ensure in working order
  • Tank inspection
  • Communicate findings

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